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GHD Hair Straighteners

There are so many contradictory stories as to when, where and how the hair straightener was invented, some suggest it was as recently as the 1960's when women used a conventional iron to flatten their hair and others propose that it was as far back as 1872 when a Parisian named Marcel Grateau - who is better known for inventing the permanent wave, curling iron and later the Gillette safety razor - created a tong-like device that could double up as a straightener.

This said, one of the first recognised implements used to straighten the hair was called the 'Straightening Comb', promoted by Madam C.J Walker an American hair-care manufacturer in the early 1900's, which looked like a pair of pliers with steel teeth. The implement would be heated on a stove and then pulled through the hair until the heat dispersed; the process would be repeated until all the hair was straightened. From the outset the straightening comb was used by African-Americans, but as time passed its results were sought after by others and new methods and materials were sought after.

Aluminium and steel were used on early straighteners before the invention of the electric hair straightener or hair irons that we all know and love today.

The accolade of creating the first electric iron has been claimed by BaByliss, another globally recognised electrical hair care manufacturer, but the first electrical straightener is shrouded in more mystery. However, it can be assumed that with similar technology the straightener would have been created at a similar time. Initial electric straighteners used simple technology and contained a filament that would heat up surrounding metal plates. These would then be pulled through sections of hair, the problem with these irons were that they didn't achieve enough heat to give a lasting style which leads us to 2001?br/> Perhaps the most prolific brand of straighteners are the ghd ceramic hair straighteners, launched in 2001 initially in the UK, by the Yorkshire based, British-owned company. It is claimed that Martin Penny, founder of ghd, was shown some styling irons that he had been sent by a South Korean inventor and suggested he buy the rights. Since then ghd typically turnover more than ?15m, and have released a range of high-profile limited edition straighteners, namely their annual Pink Limited Edition straighteners which promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The rest, as they say, is historyr is it?

In a bizarre twist, most hair straighteners are now multi-tasking hair electricals that enable not simply straightening, but curling, creating waves, flicks and crimps too! With fashion changing all the time it's important that electrical manufacturers stay ahead of the game, which means constantly working to utilise new, inventive techniques, shapes and materials are always entering the market all trying to better ceramic straighteners. So what are the buzz words on the lips of all fashionistas in 2009? Tourmaline and Ionic! And of course to get your gorgeous straightened look you'll need hair irons that heat up in next to no time!

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What To Look For When Choosing A GHD Straightener

All GHD hair straighteners are amazing in that they offer a range of features which makes them easy to use. It is understandable why so many women are choosing a GHD straightener to create their fun and funky hair styles. But since the product line includes so many wonderful choices, it can be hard to pick which GHD straightener is the best pick for you.

The first thing that you need to know about all GHD hair straighteners is that they offer the same high quality construction and dependability that has become the trade mark of the GHD straightener line. They include digital temperature control so that you can maintain precise control over the level of heat you are using. This is critical because the heat levels that are needed to get the best results in one type of hair may be too high for another type of hair. Imprecise heat control can lead to heat damage and this can mean frizz and brittle hair. This is not what most women are looking for in their hairstyle.

They also offer rounded barrels and this can make a GHD straightener much more versatile than other types of hair stylers on the market. By using GHD hair straighteners you can also create waves, flips and curls. If you love to switch up your hair style frequently this is a definite advantage that you may want to consider. This also means that travelling with your GHD straightener is much easier than any other hair straightener. GHD also makes sure that their product line has a universal voltage feature that means you no longer need a travel adaptor.

They also offer smooth heat distribution. Each GHD straightener has ceramic heaters with aluminum plates. This means that you don get heat build-up in one specific part of any GHD hair straighteners. Again, this means that your hair is not at risk of being burnt or damaged by the heat you are using to style it.

If you look at the range of GHD hair straighteners, you will notice that there are several widths available. This is because it is easier to straighten shorter hairs with a narrower barrel. You will find that if you have multiple short layers, you will want to pick a GHD straightener that is designed to be used on bangs or fringes. The GHD IV mini styler is perfect for much shorter hair. It combines the same excellent features of wider straighteners but is easier to use on shorter pieces of hair.

You can also find GHD hair straighteners which are perfect for long or coarse hair. The GHD IV salon styler is designed for use on thicker, coarser hair while still giving you the beautiful and stylish look of the other models in the series.

If taking good care of your hair and looking your best are important to you, you need a GHD hair styler. Their versatility and quality are second to none and you will be amazed at how healthy and beautiful your hair looks. Check out Straightenershop for their full range of somekeyword. Whether you are looking for a straightener for short hair or long, a somekeyword can keep you looking your best any time and every time.